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Full Version: Rules and Regulations
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All punishments may vary depending on the severity of the offense and admin's discretion. Repeated rule breaking will result in a ban. Punishments may be harsher on new players suspected of trolling.

[1] Cheating/Hacking

Third party modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. Think before you install programs or mods, if you are unsure whether or not a mod is allowed be sure to ask an admin before installing it. If you think or know someone is cheating, it is your responsibility to report them. If you are found knowingly with someone who is hacking you will also be punished. 

Using SA:MP/GTA or script related bugs/glitches are also strictly prohibited.

Allowed CLEOs:
 - ELM (emergency services only)
- HUD Modifications

If you have any other CLEOs you would like added to this list feel free to DM Craze on Discord.
Permanent Ban

[2] Deathmatching (& More)

Deathmatch: Killing or attacking someone with a poor or no reason at all.

Revenge Killing: Killing someone because they killed you.

Spawn Killing: Killing someone within 1 minute of them spawning or interacting with them within 1 minute (e.g hospital, logging in). If your game or someone else's game crashes mid RP you must ask them if they are ready before continuing the RP/shootout.

Car Ramming/Parking: Using your vehicle as a means of killing someone either by constantly ramming them with no RP or by parking on top of them.

120 minutes in jail

[3] Car Ramming

Car Ramming: When RPly ramming someone you MUST roleplay the ram with a /me immediately after the ram. If you are in the middle of a chase or shootout and you accidentally ram someone you do not have to roleplay the ram. If you are rammed by someone who is in the middle of a chase or shootout, you MUST roleplay your injuries accordingly.

Additionally, police officers may not constantly ram an evading vehicle with no regard to public safety, just to damage the evading vehicle.

65 minutes in jail

[4] Powergaming / Metagaming

Powergaming: Is one of two things: (1) forcing actions against another player or (2) doing unrealistic things

(1) Example: Using the /frisk command without asking in a /do if you would or would not be successful in doing so.

(2) Example: John Smith grabs the Infernus and throws it at Bob Brown.
Examples of unrealistic actions: 

Olympic Swimming: Swimming long distances while fully clothed, without RPing any type of physical exhaustion.
Ninja Jacking: Jacking someone else's vehicle without any roleplay.
Not RPing Fear: Showing no emotion toward realistically frightening situations.
Ramboing: Running toward someone who is actively aiming or shooting at you.
Provoking: Purposely harassing other players for no reason.
Rush Tasing: Tasing someone who has a gun withdrawn. Also includes rubber rounds and beanbags.

OOC Backup and use of Voice Communication: See rule 14.

75 minutes in jail

[5] OOC Insulting/Disrespect

Be kind to others and think before you type. There's no need to bring your IRL problems to the server and take out your negative feelings on others. We understand that everyone may have a bad day every now and then, if you are known to normally be kind to others and just seem to be having a bad day we may kick you from the server or jail you to allow you time to cool off. Constantly coming on the server to be hurtful to others will result in a permanent ban. 

Before reporting someone for this rule, ask yourself: Were you actually hurt by the other player?

Depends on severity.

[6] Abusing GTA:SA Physics 

GTA:SA physics and movements in-game are hardcoded and cannot be changed via scripting so the following is forbidden:

Unrealistic Vehicle Ramming: Using a way smaller vehicle to lag slam/pit a larger vehicle is not allowed. An example of this is using a police cruiser to lag slam/pit a bus. Or using a Sanchez to counter-pit a police cruiser. 
Bunny Hopping: Pressing the jump key multiple times to travel faster.
Hopping on Bicycles: You may hop with a bicycle by only tapping the hop key. You may not hold down the hop key to jump higher then realistically possible.
Tapping on Bike/Motorcycle: Spamming the forward key on a bike in order to go faster is not allowed.
Car Surfing: Riding on top of a vehicle rather then inside of it. If someone is RPly in the trunk and there are no available seats in the vehicle they may /sleep on top of the trunk. Same goes with on a Sadler/Bobcat, ect. It is the responsibility of the player on top of the vehicle to RP appropriately to speed/impacts.
Shooting out of a stationary car: You may not drive-by from a vehicle that is not moving. This is because you can not be damaged due to GTA physics.
Drive-bying from a motorcycle/quad: You may not drive-by from the back of a bike/quad.
Using IC commands while dead
Water Evading: You may not swim in the water to evade anyone.

55 minutes in jail

[7] Robbing & Scamming

The robbery limit for cash is $5,000 and the scam limit for cash is $20,000.

The score requirement for everyone involved in the robbery/scam is 3+. You are not allowed to rob someone who has a score lower than 3, and you may not rob others if you have a score that is lower than 3 either.

HOWEVER: If you are dealing with illegal activity such as selling/buying drugs/weapons, you may be scammed/robbed regardless of your score.

45 minutes in jail

[8] Safe Zones

You may not commit crimes in the following areas without first getting an admin to make an RP announcement for you. If you are chasing someone and they run to a safe zone you may not continue chasing them without requesting request permission from an admin. You may only request for permission when the following amount of cops are online (listed below for each location).

The following areas are safe zones (interior/exterior):

- Police Departments (5 cops)
- Hospitals (5 cops)
- Banks (5 cops)
- News buildings (3 cops)
- Fast food places (1 cop)

45 minutes in jail

[9] Two Wrongs Dont Make a Right

If someone breaks any rule(s) against you and you retaliate yourself by rule breaking you will both be punished. We understand it can be frustrating to deal with a rule breaker but it is not your job to take things into your own hands and punish them yourself. There are some exeptions to this rule but tread very carefully. We highly recommend using a shadowplay program to capture evidence.

If you are chasing someone and they Non-RP drive, you may continue chasing them.

If someone is trying to DM you, try not to defend yourself - this may confuse an admin who will check the logs. Instead, if you lost anything when dead you'll be given your items back. If there is no admin present, feel free to defend yourself in any way.

If someone has already DMed you, you may NOT go back and DM them.

If someone ninja jacks you, you may NOT ninja jack them back. Report them and take a screenshot/video of it as it's happening.


[10] General Non-RP

This rule is basically common sense. If you realistically wouldn't do something in real life, don't do it here.


- Don't drive through police roadblocks without a valid reason to do so.

- Don't shoot your weapon in the air for no reason.

- Don't evade cops just to get away from a ticket.

- Excessively driving recklessly, drifting every corner. (you won't be punished for this but admins will make an RP announcement for cops & you may not evade when pulled over.)

55 minutes in jail

[11] ERP
You must get OOC permission from all involved parties before roleplaying any form of erotic roleplay. Make sure to screenshot the agreement if possible.


[12] Using /b during RP

Do not use /b during roleplay or excessively in highly populated areas. If someone breaks rules or you want to tell someone something OOCly use /pm, again especially when in populated areas. If someone breaks OOC rules you must /report them and continue the RP until an admin arrives. If no admins are online you must continue RPing and post a complaint on them later.

40 minutes in jail

[13] Unrealistic Advertisements

You may not post illegal advertisements or conceal illegal things in advertisements. 

- Selling Deagle 20k.
- Selling book called, "Firearm Sales"
- Looking for my long lost Eagle. Last seen in the Desert. $10,000 reward.

15 minutes in jail

[14] OOC Backup / Voice Communication

Players are ONLY allowed to use our official TeamSpeak for IC voice communication. This is to allow our staff team to monitor IC actions and enforce OOC backup. Additionally you must be on the same IG radio frequency/in a phone call speaking through bluetooth/ect. You must also use an /ame when communicating through TeamSpeak to show other players around you what you are ICly doing. Nearby players may ask in /do what you would be saying if they are close enough to realistically hear you. (Cops must also do this. They are not exempt from this rule. We recommend using a hotkey for this.)

If you need a temporary TeamSpeak channel, you may create one.

55 minutes in jail

[15] Trolling 

This is strictly forbidden and we have a zero tolerance policy for this. Especially new players. We aim to have a toxic free roleplay environment for all players. This is not a freeroam/DM community. If an admin suspects you are just online to troll, you will be immediately punished with no warning.

3 day temp ban + 75 minutes in jail (both, not one or the other)