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Refunding NGG statistics - Jeff - 02-26-2019

Hello all,

After speaking with other members of the Board of Directors, we've decided to refund ex-NGG players their hard-earned account statistics. In order to receive a refund, you will have to provide a full unedited/uncropped screenshot of your /stats. Players will only be receiving their level & 50,000$ during the statistics refund. For players who think that 50,000 is nothing compared to their 100m that they had on NGG, our economy is nothing like how NGG's was, or other servers. 50k is enough to either purchase a vehicle or maybe a house to give you a small head start. We don't want to ruin your experience by giving you everything and in the end, you have nothing to work for and it is completely boring. 

-Contact Bgtracker(aka McTavish), Silverfire, Jeff, or Craze on Discord/TS3 in order to begin your refund process.